Hill Country Texas Labradoodles

 Miniature Multigen Labradoodles   

 Located in New Braunfels, TX 

Near San Antonio & Austin 

Call or Text or Email [email protected] / Kirsten @ 210-387-5434

 SOLD: Holly: Female

Black with a curly/wavy coat.  She's a smaller female in the litter.  She has a little white chin, small diamond on her chest & a little tip of white on her back toes.  She's a  calm, quiet, little love that always wants love & attention. 

Est. 30-35lbs.  9 Weeks

 SOLD: Female

Black with a curly/wavy coat. She's a happy, playful, adorable doll.  She loves cuddles & lap time. 

Est. 40-50 lbs. 

She is the largest in the Litter. 8 Weeks